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Lithurin Formula project in Mölnlycke, Sweden

Lithurin Formula project in Mölnlycke, Sweden
Location:  Mölnlycke, Gothenburg, Sweden
Landlord:   Skagenfastigheter AB
Building company:  BRA Bygg AB
Floor solution:    BRA Bygg AB
Flooring contractor; C. Holmqvist Entreprenad
Slab: 7500 sq.m. / 75000 sq.f.
Subbase: Well packed and compacted sand sub base
Capillary layer  protection: AB Lindec® Capillar floor plastic 0,15
Concrete thickness: 100 mm/4"
Reinforcement:   Reinforcement mesh 6 050
Crack saw cutting:  7x7 meters/23x23´
Movement joints:  AB Lindec® Alpha Joint, approx 250 meter/780´
Moisture curing:   AB Lindec® moisture cure plastic film 0,035 (untouched for the first 14 days)
After hardening treatment:  Lithurin® HARD and SEAL
Joint filling:     After minimum 3-6 month AB Lindec® Linofog Mix

C. Holmqvist Entreprenad from South of Sweden made a 7500 m2 warehouse floor slab in 3 days of pouring on "spaced" reinforcement mesh, the 2500 m2 daily poor was made with 1 pcs Somero power rake head (placed on a Somero 840) plus 1 pcs Somero Copper Head and AB Lindec® hand tools. The concrete were pumped out with approx 50 meter (165 ´hose length) pump hose and manually distributed around the slab.

For finishing it was used a couple of AB Lindec® 424 Edging Walkers, Allen 235 riders, Allen 315 rider, Allen 455 hydraulic rider and Allen HDX600 fully hydraulic rider. First on slab was AB Lindec® 424 edging walkers, along with handy made edging work, after that the Allen 315 was leading the brigade of riders out on the floor, because of it light weight, big pan width and moistures concrete.

The Allen 315 machine was followed by the Allen 235 edging riders (edging) and the Allen 455 hydraulic rider was panning in the mid sections. And finally the Allen HDX 600 was trowelling with blades, followed by the rest of the machine park whenever needed.